Meet the Artists #5 – O’Calla Joslyn

Meet the Artists #5 – O’Calla Joslyn

August 3, 2017 RS blog admin 0

O’Calla Joslyn | In her younger years, O’Calla took jazz and tap at the local dance studio, and co-founded Revolution Youth Theater as a teenager, performing and choreographing in shows the group toured in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The organization won the Minnesota Peace Prize in 2000 for work done in the community. College at the University of Minnesota brought more dance opportunities, during and after which she performed and choreographed for events throughout the community. Favorites include Moulin Rouge New Years Eve and Prince Night at First Avenue. Since college, she’s danced for April Sellers Dance Collective and Erinn Liebhard, and choreographed and performed for Enticing Entertainment. This is O’Calla’s first year presenting work in Rhythmically Speaking.

Show tickets are on sale now: RSVP on Facebook and come check out inspiring work by O’Calla and the rest of the choreographers!

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