Much of our educational programming is delivered in the form of workshops and events as we develop ideas and opportunities and needs arise. Read on for information about our activities in these areas in the recent past.

Jazz: Roots & Branches Workshops

Jazz Branches: House Dance with Ozzy Dris
Saturday, 7/25 from 11:15am-12:45pm
$15 suggested via Venmo (@Erinn-Liebhard)
Zoom ID: 6121082032
In partnership with ALL DAY Studio and raising funds for Campaign Zero
Our Jazz: Roots & Branches series of virtual workshops, titled and modeled after a 2014 anthology of writings on jazz of the same name, focuses on reconnecting people’s consciousness of jazz dance to it’s vibrant Afro-Latin diasporic roots and related branch forms.
This ‘branches’ session with Ozzy Dris of Soul Steppers and Circle Theory, one of the foremost house dancers in the Midwest, situates and moves students through the shared histories and movements of Jazz and House dance. These workshops amplify the voices of BIPOC guest teachers and partner with local intersectional justice organizations to raise funds for their work. This workshop will compensate the involved artists while raising funds for Campaign Zero.
We look forward to seeing how this workshop series re/connects folks to themselves, one another, great local teachers and dance spaces, intersectional justice organizations and the roots and branches of jazz. Join us!


One of the ways we feel we can help keep you groovin’ during this turbulent and uncertain time is to create and share a series of short videos that’ll help you move through and learn about jazz dance! This series includes five different approaches:

  • #GetUpOffaThatThang: history and instruction on a jazzy dance step
  • #WheresTheJazz: RS artists identify what they see as ‘jazzy’ in selected dance videos
  • #RSArtistProfiles: hybrid interview-improv introductions to our excellent collaborating artists
  • #CreatorsCut: RS artists give a peek into their experiences developing pieces for our past shows
  • #ThroughTheYears: montages of the works from our past summer annual shows

We hope to release two new videos each week via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for the near future. If you enjoy what we create, Like/ Follow/ Subscribe, and share our videos with others you think would enjoy them too!

Keep your eye out for more from us about other potential programs in the works, including Conversations in Jazz discussions: A series of virtual discussions featuring guest artists that could foray into jazz history, theory, choreography, pedagogy . . . the direction of the conversations would be determined by guest expertise and audience curiosity!

. . .


Rhythmically Speaking Jazz Class

Rhythmically Speaking is excited to partner with Ballet Co. Laboratory to offer an open teen/ adult drop-in class this Fall! Details:

  • When: Mondays 7-8:30pm October 7th through December 16th 2019
  • Where: Ballet Co. Laboratory – 276 E. Lafayette Frontage Rd., St. Paul, MN 55107
  • Who: All teens and adults are welcome at this drop-in class that skews intermediate/ advanced in level
  • Parking: FREE!
  • Cost/ Registration: Visit Ballet Co. Laboratory

Our drop-in class is inspired by three ideas Rhythmically Speaking Artistic Director Erinn Liebhard feels are at the heart of jazz and other American social dance-inspired forms: groove, interaction and improvisation. Groove leads the way into exploring the embodiment of jazz and jazz-related musics, from digging a good downbeat to syncopation to complex polyrhythms. With that sense of groove as a base, dancers can open up to deeper interaction with themselves, others and the music. With a solid understanding and appreciation of groove and interaction, dancers can slide into the playful joy of improvisation, creating musically and socially-responsive movement in the moment.

Rhythmically Speaking values and situates jazz dance as an amalgam of Africanist and Europeanist ideas with contributions from many other parts of the world, and gives particular focus to Africanist base elements including groundedness and high-affect juxtaposition of dynamics while putting jazz and jazz-related musics at the center of class. RS AD Erinn’s classes always include a thorough warm-up, innovative across-the-floor sequences and groovy combinations that inspire dancers to connect with themselves, one another, the music and the moment.

The Cohort Workshops and Showings (August 2019)

Don’t want to wait until August to experience the works on this year’s Rhythmically Speaking annual summer production? We’re doing previews of each piece and master classes with each choreographer!

  • Erinn’s Showing: Wednesday, March 13 from 5-5:30pm
  • Erinn’s Class: Friday, March 15 from 9:30-11am
  • Julie’s Class: Friday, April 26 from 9:30-11am
  • Julie’s Showing: Friday, April 26 from 5-5:30pm
  • Rohan’s Class: Friday, June 7 from 9:30-11am
  • Rohan’s Showing: Friday, June 7 from 5-5:30pm
  • Pat’s Class: Friday, July 12 from 9:30-11am
  • Pat’s Showing: Friday, July 12 from 5-5:30pm

All events were held at Zenon Dance School.

Rhythmically Speaking + Dance BARN (June 2019)

Rhythmically Speaking is headed up to Battle Lake, MN June 27-28 to teach classes at Dance BARN‘s Youth Camp and to perform shows for campers and the public. We couldn’t be more excited to share our approach to jazz with the Lakes Area! If you are nearby, stop in!

Show with Confusion (rock band):
When: Thursday, June 27th @ 7:30pm
Where: Lakes Area Community Center

Jazz Night at Stub’s (also featuring Confusion)
When: Friday, June 28th @ 8pm
Where: Stub’s Dining and Saloon