Classes/ MoveTogethers

‘MoveTogethers’ are our weekly company class of sorts, titled as such to reflect their collaborative nature in which we improvise and create TOGETHER in addition to moving through material from RS Artistic and Executive Director Erinn Liebhard. We are excited to be opening our MoveTogethers up to the public so pre-professional and professional dancers in our community can JOIN IN THE JAZZ!

Our approach to jazz emphasizes groove, interaction and improvisation (elements we see as present in all American social dance forms), honors the African diasporic roots of the form and is driven by jazz music. Each class is just $10.00, paid at class in class or via Venmo, or ahead of class (see below). This first session of open MoveTogethers will run Wednesdays from 5:30-7pm at the Cowles Center in downtown Minneapolis, starting 6/8/22 and ending 8/3/22.

As space is limited, pre-registration is suggested (but not required!). To pre-register, hop over to our Venmo and pay the $10.00 class fee.

TC dancers, we hope to see you there!