With our regular programming challenged by Covid-19, we’ve gotten extra-creative with how we “spark vibrancy and connectedness through staged works inspired by jazz and American social dance ideas” during this time in which traditional theatrical performance and studio learning has been nearly impossible. Between March 2020 and Spring 2021, we managed to offer the Twin Cities’ first virtual show (The Cohort: From Home), create our first-ever screendance, which will eventually be expanded to a full stage show (RadioBody), and produce our first outdoor show (The Cohort 20/21 @ “Jazz on Tap”). We also created several other ways to help keep people jazzy, which we will continue as we head into our FY22 – October 2021 to September 2022 – offerings. Read on for more about these current performance and education-based efforts.




We are excited to be back at the Amsterdam Bar & Hall in St. Paul November 3rd and 4th to offer up a concoction of live jazz dance and live jazz music, both composed and improvised, along with great drinks and nosh. Find out more at our webpage for this event.


The Cohort_ 2022 - Stage and Screen

For our third installment of The Cohort (2019, 20/21 and now 2022), a program featuring work by local and visiting artists alike (with stage works set on our company of dancers), we are partnering with the Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema to offer a call for not only staged dance works, but also jazz and jazz-related dance works for the screen! The call for submissions for both stage and screen will be released in Fall 2021, with the stage works bring produced in the Twin Cities August 2022 and the screen works being shown in October 2022. Read more about this opportunity here


x - Image - Outreach

We’ll bring our unique groove, interaction and improvisation-driven approach to jazz dance TO YOU! We are experienced in tailoring virtual, outdoor and in-person events and workshops to the needs of a community. Recent favorites include an outdoor performance for Ebenezer Ridges assisted living facility in Burnsville MN, a virtual appearance with “The Treehouse,” one of Children’s Hospital MN’s original, closed-circuit TV programs they make special for their kiddos, and a virtual teaching residency for Marcy Open Elementary in Minneapolis! If you’ve got a senior living facility, educational institution/ group, community organization/ festival, fellow artists or any other group of people you think would benefit from experiencing a jazz dance show, drop us a line!


This series of virtual workshops, titled and modeled after a 2014 anthology of writings on jazz of the same name, focuses on reconnecting people’s consciousness of jazz dance to it’s vibrant African diasporic roots and related branch forms. These workshops amplify the voices of BIPOC guest teachers and partner with local intersectional justice organizations to raise funds for their work. Our first workshop – in partnership with ALL DAY Studio and raising funds for Campaign Zero in July – was co-taught by RS Artistic Director Erinn Liebhard and Ozzy Dris, and explored connections between jazz and house dance. Keep your eye out for more on upcoming workshops!

| EDUCATION: #GroovinAtADistDance VIDEOS |

One of the ways we’ve helped keep you groovin’ is creating and sharing short videos that help you move through and learn about jazz dance! This series includes five different approaches:

  • #GetUpOffaThatThang: history and instruction on a jazzy dance step
  • #WheresTheJazz: RS artists identify what they see as ‘jazzy’ in selected dance videos
  • #RSArtistProfiles: hybrid interview-improv introductions to our excellent collaborating artists
  • #CreatorsCut: RS artists give a peek into their experiences developing pieces for our past shows
  • #ThroughTheYears: montages of the works from our past summer annual shows

We’re releasing these videos via our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages for the near future. If you enjoy what we create, Like/ Follow/ Subscribe!


Our weekly company classes, which we call ‘MoveTogethers’ to reflect their collaborative nature, are back on an on and off basis. Pending Covid developments, we may be opening these Move Togethers up to pre-professional and professional dancers who wish to join in the jazz! Keep your eye out here and at our social media channels for updates.


To read more about what our programming has looked like in the recent past, visit our Winter Show, Summer Show and Workshops & Events pages.