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Touted by national publication Dance Magazine as “revitalizing jazz and American vernacular dance in the Twin Cities area,” Rhythmically Speaking is proud to support and present quality performance work. We are in our ninth year of programming building a strong community of artists and patrons, and are excited to announce that we were recently awarded 501(c)3 status, officially designating us as a nonprofit organization!

While work is well underway for programming including our 2017 annual production (running August 17-19 at the Illusion Theater in downtown Minneapolis), we need your help to make it all happen. Ticket sales and supportive yet fluctuating grants from local institutions cover our production costs: it is your contributions that allow us to continue making more meaningful the stipends we offer to artists for their work.

If you believe Rhythmically Speaking enriches Minnesota and the dance community at large, become a part of it by taking advantage of these simple ways to support our work:

Donate easily and securely online through GiveMN.

Rhythmically Speaking
1640 Dunlap St. N.,
St. Paul, MN 55108

Friends of Rhythmically Speaking:
A heartfelt thank you to our FY17 donors:

Danielle Alfano | Ian Anderson | Laney Baraugh | Mackenzie Beck-Esmay | Sarah Hoover Beck-Esmay | Luther and Jillian Bell | Jane Berra | Ben Borgert | Jessica Briggs and Family | Jane Berra | Doug and Sheri Brunner | Lisa Cascun | Gretchen and John Cohenour | Bev Davenport | Bob DeBoer | Katherine Ellingson | David Fettig | Katie Gamades and Family | Cynthia Garner and Family | Karla Grotting and Family | Adam and Kristen Hayes and Family | Amanda Hemmesch | Marcy Hiltner | Kristen Howe and Family | Abigail Ihubar | Lynette and Larry Johnson and Family | Lindsey Johnson | Barbara Kallstrom | Sukie Keita  | Katie LeBlanc-Gamades and Family | Erinn Liebhard and Kristoffer Olson | Joy and Wayne Liebhard | Reilly Liebhard | Barbara Lotsberg | Theresa Luther-Dolan | Ben Marcy | Kim McAndrews | Paul McCarvel and Family | Elizabeth Mills | Shannon Mitchell | Robin Moede | Natalie Nowytski | David and Kathy Olson | Nikki Otten | Warren Park | Becky Parker | Kelly Paul | Mandy and Darren Pfeffer and Family | Sarah and Phil Rickert and Family | Sarah Salisbury | Caitlin Scheaffer | Karis Sloss Harris | Sydney Swanson | Zoe Sealy | Joe Vogel | Dave Wallraff | Becca Weber | Heather and Mike Westerlund | Cathy Wind . . .

all who choose to remain anonymous, AND ALL of our past donors!

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