2012 Was a Success. Help Us Make 2013 Even Better!

Rhythmically Speaking presents 2012 was a great success, and we are looking forward to 2013! The theater is booked, and plans are underway for collecting submissions, but there is another important factor floating in the mix; funding. We recently learned we did not receive grant funding we had been anticipating for our 2013 production. This makes your support even more crucial than it has ever been. Please mark your calendar for November 15th, this year’s Give to the Max Day!

Check out our fundraising page HERE, or click the handy button below;
Online fundraising for Rhythmically Speaking presents 2013!

Your support on Give to the Max Day, a celebrated day of charitable giving sponsored by GiveMN, goes further than it might on any other day. GiveMN hosts matches and hourly contests, reliant upon incoming donations, that could as much as double the funding we receive that day, so November 15th is the day to give.

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If you’ve enjoyed the artistic work and experiences Rhythmically Speaking has offered over the years, and if you think we make the Twin Cities community a richer, brighter place to live, support our work by giving a gift. We thank you for any donation you may be able to give that day to help us continue supporting and presenting quality jazz and rhythm-driven dance in the Twin Cities!

All the best,
Erinn + Rhythmically Speaking Board

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