Happy New Year, Rhythm-Lovers!

Rhythmically Speaking newsletter
We hope your holidays were a warm and toasty break, and that you are now ready to get back on that rhythm-dancin’ horse! Below, as always, you will find information about the latest and greatest opportunities to learn, create and view jazz and rhythm-driven dance in the Twin Cities. Enjoy!


Advanced Tap with Kaleena Miller
Looking to buck up your tap chops? Head to BALLAREteatro Tuesday nights for Advanced Tap with Kaleena Miller. The Twin Cities’ very own first lady of tap, Miller will lead you through a challenging rhythm tap class, pushing your body and your mind.

When: Tuesdays, 8:15-9:15pm
Where: BALLAREteatro Performing Arts Center
More Info: www.ballareteatro.com

Intermediate Jazz with Mary Ann Bradley
Photo from www.zenondance.org

Drop in or register for Zenon’s upcoming Winter Session, running January 2 – March 10, for your chance to take Mary Ann Bradley’s jazz class. A current Zenon and former JAZZDANCE by Danny Burazeski dancer, Mary Ann focuses on developing musicality, spatial awareness, communication, and personal expression. Her class is a great way to keep your body grounded and in rhythm. What better way to spend your Saturday afternoon?

When: Saturdays, 12:30-2pm
Where: Zenon Dance Company and School
Cost: $111 to register for the session, $13 to drop in
More Info: www.zenondance.org


Submission Call for Rhythmically Speaking 2013 to Come Out in March

Alright, jazz and rhythm-driven Twin Cities choreographers, time to start scheming: the call for submissions for Rhythmically Speaking 2013 will be out in mid-March! Applications will be available at our website, and will be due on April 15th. Invitations to present work will be made in early May, and the show will run August 15-17 at the Southern Theater. Been involved and excited to submit? Great! Never have, but interested? Awesome. Feel free to contact us with questions at info@rhythmicallyspeakingdance.org. We look forward to hearing about what you have been working on or wish to create! 

Submission Form Out: Mid-March 2013 on the Rhythmically Speaking website
Submission Forms Due: April 15th via email (below)
Contact: info@rhythmicallyspeakingdance.org
More Info: www.rhythmicallyspeakingdance.org

Want to Show Work? Contact Patrick’s!
Have new jazz and rhythm-driven choreography (or any kind of choreography for that matter) that you’d like to put in front of an audience? Think about requesting Patrick’s Cabaret as your next place to do just that. Patrick’s is a great partner to creators of jazz and rhythm-driven choreography, with a history of presenting work within the realm, and a reputation as a great local home for some of our community’s best hip hop choreography and jazz music.

So where do you start? Right here, baby. Click the link to find instructions on how to go about getting your work up at Patrick’s. We look forward to seeing your name on their calendar the next time we troll through. Happy creating!

Photo from Patrickscabaret.org, Choreography by Denise Armistead


The Minneapolis Burlesque Festival
The first round of this annual event, the Minneapolis Burlesque Festival will offer a saucy spectrum of entertainment, from variety acts to aerialists, from comedians to drag acts to the crème de la crème of burlesque. The festival has attracted local, national, and international talents, including Ms. Judith Stein, considered to be the First Living Legend of Burlesque, so don’t miss it!

Photo from www.ritz-theater.org

When: January 31 – February 1 @ 8, February 2 @ 7 & 10pm
Where: The Ritz Theater
Cost: $24
More Info: www.facebook.com/MinneapolisBurlesqueFestival

Hip Hop!
B-Boy J-Sun returns to the Cowles Center this January to present Hip Hop!, a concert dance production that gives audiences a look into the hip hop dance community. J-Sun focuses his work in sharing the stories of the people who are using hip hop to express themselves through dance, and the show will feature many of the Twin Cities’ best hip hop styles dancers. The show runs just two nights, so get your tickets now!

When: January 18-19 @ 8pm
Where: The Cowles Center
Cost: $16-$22
More Info: www.thecowlescenter.org

Photo from www.thecowlescenter.org

Flying Foot Forum in Northfield
This January, the Flying Foot Forum will spend a month with students at St. Olaf to create “an interdisciplinary, participatory, percussive dance, and musical theatrical spectacle” that is loosely based on Alice in Wonderland. FFF will be showing what they create with students, which will go on to be formed into an evening length show for the company. Directed by Joe Chvala, artistic director of The Flying Foot Forum, and St. Olaf studio art faculty member Irve Dell, this performance is the culmination of a month of creative collaboration with students from dance, theater, art, music, and technical theater.

When: January 28-29 @ 7:30pm
Where: The Dittman Center at St. Olaf
More Info: www.flyingfootforum.com


Over in New York: The New York Jazz Choreography Project
October 19-20 in New York, Jazz Choreography Enterprises presented another one of they bi-annual choreographer’s shows. The show featured the work of Bob Boross, Crystal Chapman, Mike Esperanza, Cara Goodwin, Joyce King, Alison L. Krauss, Luigi, Cat Manturuk, Roberta Mathes, Merete Muenter, Kirsten Schwartz, Kellie Schweon and Sidney Erik Wright. To learn more about this interesting organization, visit their website here!

Got submissions, improvement ideas, or just want to say hi? We are all ears, and can be contacted at the email below! 

Groove on!
Erinn Liebhard, Artistic Director
Rhythmically Speaking


The mission of Rhythmically Speaking is to revitalize jazz and rhythm-based dance forms in the Twin Cities, supporting its practitioners, educating its audiences, and celebrating its rich history while nurturing innovation through performance. http://www.rhythmicallyspeakingdance.org.

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