Watch This and Prepare Yourself

On August 15-17 at the Southern Theater, the seven dynamic choreographers of Rhythmically Speaking 2013 will offer the community seven different conversations in physical rhythm. Bound together by the endless abilities of jazz and rhythm-driven dance to ignite interactions between people and music, the 2013 production features forward-thinking local choreographers Yung-Tsi Bolon & Laura Horn, Emily Broeker, Karla Grotting, Erinn Liebhard, Christine Maginnis and Darrius Strong, and welcomes visitor Maura Garcia from Kansas.

*** Special thanks to KFAI, Audio Producers Michelle Alimoradi and Aleutian Calabay and Choreographers Jennifer Glaws, Julie Warder and Cathy Wind for their audio contributions. Special thanks to Choreographers Emily Broeker, Karla Grotting, Carrie Lande, Erinn Liebhard and Jeffrey Peterson for their video contributions.


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