Line-Up for RS 2015!

Thank you to all who submitted work for this year’s show: we appreciate your interest! We are excited to announce the choreographers of Rhythmically Speaking 2015:

Rush Benson and Brian Evans
Jennifer Glaws
Sarah Jabar
Emily Oleson and Kwame Opare (D.C./ West Virginia)
Cathy Wind/ Keane Sense of Rhythm
Clarence Teeters (Reconstructed by Karla Grotting)

Rhythmically Speaking Artistic Director Erinn Liebhard will also be showing a piece. Wondering about our process? Each year, we are thrilled at the amount solid, thoughtful, intriguing and high-quality submissions, and it makes for a lot of difficult decisions. Like a creative puzzle, the show was curated as a whole to represent a wide, diverse range of work while fitting together as a cohesive, intriguing show of a decent length. There were many factors at play in selecting works for the show, including centrality of metric rhythm, artistic quality, style, concept, and length. We truly enjoyed viewing your work, and encourage you to continue creating and enriching our community; we really are blown away by the wealth of rhythmic talent in the Twin Cities!

Thank you for engaging with Rhythmically Speaking. We hope you will stay connected with us in the future: we exist to serve the jazz and rhythm-based dance community of which you are a part!

All the best,
Rhythmically Speaking Programming Committee

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