Thank You!!

RS 2015 Community: Thank you for attending, being in, working on and supporting Rhythmically Speaking 2015! We beat our ticket goal, funded our GiveMN, had excellent press, and most importantly, enjoyed connecting with each other through rhythm-driven movement.

2015 cast members on stage
Photo by Calabay Productions

Patrons, your opinions are important to us: they help us write grants and improve the inclusiveness of our outreach efforts. If you didn’t fill out the survey at the show, we encourage you to fill out now at, a survey has been sent to your email (YOUR opinions are very important to us too!).

To stay connected with us, join our NEWSLETTER, ‘Like’ us on FACEBOOK and keep in touch: you never know what we’ll be up to next in igniting and uniting people through rhythm-driven movement! Thank you again for spending time with us: we’ve offered renewal to the spirits of many people this weekend through rhythm-driven movement!

Erinn Liebhard, MFA
Artistic Director
Rhythmically Speaking

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