Photo by Bill Cameron

Rhythmically Speaking is excited to announce a call for choreographers for our 9th annual production! We present some of the Twin Cities’ best jazz and American vernacular choreography each year, and also support these forms by welcoming new ideas from guests from other cities. We always look forward to seeing what people have to offer, as the submission process is open to the public. Emerging and established artists alike are encouraged to apply with new or existing work in jazz and American vernacular dance. We are proud to be helping create what that means, and encourage you to join the ongoing conversation by applying.

Important Dates:

  • TBD: Mandatory meeting for selected choreographers
  • TBD (likely in late June): Mandatory progress showing
  • August 14-16: Tech (slots scheduled for each choreographer)
  • August 17-19: Shows (at the Illusion Theater in Minneapolis)

Compensation: Honorarium of at least $800 provided

Details: A video sample that best represents the work being submitted is required. If submission is a reconstruction, video should be of that work. If submission is a new work, video of work in a very similar style should be submitted. Work samples must be submitted via YouTube and set as ‘Unlisted’ (visit this link for how-to). Work can be between three and thirty minutes, and submissions of ten minutes or more are strongly encouraged.

Submission Form: HERE. Due back to info@rhythmicallyspeakingdance.org by Friday, February 17, 2017. Choreographer selection will be posted to this website by Friday, March 17, 2017.

Feel free to contact with questions. We look forward to seeing your work, and thank you for your interest!

Groove on,

Erinn Liebhard
Artistic Director
Rhythmically Speaking

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