Meet the RS Artists #4 – Laura Osterhaus

Laura Osterhaus | is a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota—Twin Cites, receiving her B.A. in dance and retail merchandising/fashion studies. During her time at the U of M, Laura had the opportunity to perform the work of modern/contemporary dance choreographers Uri Sands, Nora Chipaumire, Gregory Dolbashian, Maurya Kerr, Scott Rink, the Martha Graham Dance Company, Garth Fagan, Gerald Casel, Wynn Fricke, Joanie Smith, and Erin Thompson. She is currently digging deeper into performance through an apprenticeship with Zenon Dance Company, performing the work of Danny Buraczeski this past fall. Laura is also a co-founder and co-director of Kelvin Wailey, an emerging dance group that dabbles in developing performance in obscure places. She is excited and eager for this opportunity to further her own work!

Tickets are on sale now: RSVP on Facebook and come check out the work Laura and the rest of the choreographers have been pouring their passion into sharing with you. See you in a couple weeks!

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