Jazz Audiences

The other day, I came across a fascinating article from the NPR blog entitled ”It Can’t Be Done’: Growing Jazz Audiences.’ The title made me sad at first, but I read the article anyway, which was full of insightful ideas. I didn’t get on board with everything he suggested, but still found the article very worth thinking about. The (almost) parting words from author Kurt Ellenberger;

‘Jazz as a creative force is not going away. In fact, I would go so far to stay that it will never go away because of the depth of its materials, its rich history and canon, and its openness to new influences.’

We agree with this idea, Kurt. Dance-style. Want more? Read the full article here.

Keep Groovin’!
Erinn (+ Heather)

PS: Don’t forget to get your calendar marked for Rhythmically Speaking 2012 presents…… running August 16-18 at the Southern Theater and featuring choreographers B-Boy J-Sun and Dancin’ Dave, Deborah Elias, Karla Grotting, Cynthia Gutierrez-Garner, Carrie Lande, Erinn Liebhard, Jennifer Mack, Whitney McClusky and Joanne Spencer!

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