Happy Happy!

Happy Holidays and New Year, Rhythm-Lovers!

We here at Rhythmically Speaking are very grateful for having had an awesome 2013. Our version of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas;’

– 400 audience members delighted
– 100+ opening night drinks enjoyed
– 40+ donors appreciated
– 30+ performers highlighted
– 15+ volunteers lauded
– 7 choreographers supported
– 7 new pieces presented
– 6 board members adored
– 5 technical staff valued
– 1 Metro Regional Arts Council grant cherished
– 1 fabulous community flourishing
– 1 VERY GRATEFUL Artistic Director 🙂

I feel that Rhythmically Speaking has much to be grateful for, and hope that we add to what you are grateful for too! We look forward to an excellent 2014, and hope to see you somewhere along the way!

Groove on,

Erinn Liebhard (+ Board)
Artistic Director
Rhythmically Speaking

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