January 2014 Newsletter

Rhythmically Speaking newsletter
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, rhythm-lovers! Kick it off right by creating, learning or viewing some jazz and rhythm-driven dance! We are here to help you find some good stuff happening in our fine community and beyond, and hope you enjoy our recommendations. Auld Lang Syne, everybody!

Groove on,

Erinn Liebhard, Artistic Director
Rhythmically Speaking


The mission of Rhythmically Speaking is to revitalize jazz and rhythm-based dance forms in the Twin Cities, supporting its practitioners, educating its audiences, and celebrating its rich history while nurturing innovation through performance.


Submission Call for Rhythmically Speaking 2014 to Come Out in March!

Alright, jazz and rhythm-driven Twin Cities choreographers, time to start scheming: the call for submissions for Rhythmically Speaking 2014 will be out in mid-March! Applications will be available at our website, and will be due on April 15th. Invitations to present work will be made in early May, and the show will run August 14-16 at the Southern Theater. Been involved and excited to submit? Great! Never have, but interested? Awesome. Feel free to contact us with questions at info@rhythmicallyspeakingdance.org. We look forward to hearing about what you have been working on or wish to create!
Submission Form Out: Mid-March 2014 on the Rhythmically Speaking website
Submission Forms Due: April 15th via email (below)
Contact: info@rhythmicallyspeakingdance.org
More Info: www.rhythmicallyspeakingdance.org

Want to Show Work? Contact Patrick’s!

Have new choreography you’d like to put in front of an audience? Think about requesting Patrick’s Cabaret as your next place to do just that. Patrick’s is a great partner to creators of jazz and rhythm-driven choreography, with a reputation as a great local home for some of our community’s best hip hop choreography and jazz music.

So where do you start? Right here, baby. Click the link to find instructions on how to go about getting your work up at Patrick’s. We look forward to seeing your name on their calendar the next time we troll through. Happy creating!

Photo from patrickscabaret.org, Choreography by Denise Armistead


June Conferences! – Dance/USA & Danny Buraczeski’s Teaching Jazz Dance Symposium

Photo from danceusa.org / smu.edu

June is a busy month for awesome conference opportunities! Stay in MN and attend national dance service organization Dance/USA’s 104 conference, or get your travel on and head to Dallas, Texas for Twin Cities jazz dance legend Danny Buraczeski’s second Teaching Jazz Dance Symposium. If you are crazy like RS Artistic Director Erinn Liebhard, you can try to do both! Buraczeski’s symposium runs Monday, June 16th through Wednesday, June 18th, and Dance/USA runs Wednesday, June 18th through Saturday, June 21st. See you there?!

What: Danny Buraczeski’s Teaching Jazz Dance Symposium
When: June 16 – 18, 2014
Where: Southern Methodist University’s Meadows School of the Arts
More Info: Forthcoming. Email RS for more details!

What: Dance/USA 2014 Conference
When: June 18 – 21, 2014
Where: The Cowles Center
More Info: danceusa.org

Advanced Jazz at Zenon with Jennifer Glaws! Get your weekly dose of jazz movement with Jennifer Glaws! Jennifer’s eclectic, rhythmic background enriches a class that is grounded, musical, physical and fun.

When: Fridays from 9:30-11:00am through March 16th
Where/ More Info: Zenon Dance

Photo from uwm.edu

West African Dance with Nafi Diabata! Have some prior experience in West African dance and looking to take you knowledge to the next level? Join Nafi Diabate for her Saturday class, offered through Duniya Drum and Dance. The class is fast paced and features live drumming by Fode Bangoura.

When: Saturdays from 1:00-2:30pm (no class January 4th or 11th)
Where: Patrick’s Cabaret
More Info: Duniya Drum and Dance

Photo from duniyadrumanddance.org

Advanced Tap with Aleutian Calabay!Aleutian Calabay, a talented photographer and videographer who RS has had the fortunate pleasure of working with on our shows, is also a WICKED tap dancer and teacher. Get your butt to his class while you can!

When: Tuesdays from 8:00-9:00pm
Where: BALLARETeatro
More Info: Aleutian Calabay

Photo from facebook.com/aleutian


SenZalma by Contempo Physical Dance

Contempo Physical Dance returns to the Cowles Center to show a new Afro-Brazilian-capoeira-contemporary fusion work by Artistic Director Marciano Silva dos Santos. The concert features original music by Brazilian composer Divan and visual design by Josh Sarantitis.

Photo from thecowlescenter.org, by Dwayne Williams

When: February 7 – 9
Where: The Cowles Center
More Info: Contempo Physical Dance

B-Boy J-Sun’s Hip Hop.

B-Boy J-Sun delivers the third installment of his trio of shows exploring hip hop history and culture. A twenty year veteran of the Twin Cities and national hip hop scenes, J-Sun brings together practitioners from many styles to explore social and cultural issues through dance.

Photo from thecowlescenter.org, by Dwayne Williams

When: February 21 – 23
Where/ More Info: The Cowles Center

Mark Your Calendar: Rhythmically Speaking 2014 Runs August 14-16 at the Southern Theater!

Mark your calendar now for the 2014 installment of Rhythmically Speaking Presents! 2014 will mark our sixth year of supporting local artists who keep jazz and rhythm-driven dance vibrant. Keep your eye out for more information!
When: August 14 – 16, 2014

Where: The Southern Theater
More Info: Rhythmically Speaking Website


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