Support the Vibrancy of Jazz and Rhythm-Driven Dance!

Please consider making a donation to Rhythmically Speaking on this year’s Give to the Max Day (November 13th). Touted by Dance Magazine as “revitalizing jazz and rhythm-based dance in the Twin Cities area,” we are proud to support quality performance work. The theater is booked and production is underway for our 2015 show, but we need your help to make it happen. Please stop our GTTMD page to find out more:

Rhythmically Speaking Give to the Max Day Page

Make an impact on the richness of culture in Minnesota and beyond by supporting the vibrancy of jazz and rhythm-driven dance, and mark your calendar for Rhythmically Speaking 2015, running August 20-22 at Bedlam!

With gratitude,

Erinn Liebhard (+ Board)
Artistic Director
Rhythmically Speaking

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The mission of Rhythmically Speaking is to revitalize jazz and rhythm-based dance forms in the Twin Cities, supporting its practitioners, educating its audiences, and celebrating its rich history while nurturing innovation through performance. Header photo by Calabay Productions.


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